Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (i.e. FAQs). Whether it is your first time to wine country or you are a seasoned wine tasting veteran, you’ll find our observations and insights helpful. If we do not answer all your questions here, please feel free to call us directly at – 877.768.7608 or locally at 707.815.8088 or email at – info@flexwinetours.com

General Tour Information

What key elements set all the varying choices for transport apart?
What can we generally expect with your tours that may be different?
Are your drivers/guides knowledgeable about wines?
How far in advance should we book our tour?
If it is our first time to Napa or Sonoma, is there an optimal “first time” type of tour?
Should we take a tour more at the beginning of our trip or toward the end?
How many wineries should we try to fit in one full day of tasting?
Is it necessary to plan a lunch during a day of tasting?
What type of vehicles do you use to tour guests around?

Rate Information

What all is included with your quoted rates and tours?
Are all rates quoted on bookings considered the same compared with other companies?
How much are tasting fees and are these included with our tour?
Does where we are staying make much of a difference when booking a tour?
What can we expect from companies that charge just for driving services?
If we are just 2 persons, will we be paired with others on the same tour?

Other tour and travel info

What are the major differences between Napa and Sonoma?
Do you provide dining recommendations?
What are some essentials to bring for the day/night?